BudgetArms C-13P-1PE1D6 (5mm)82ST50m75 ebCP20
Dai Lung Cybermag 15P-1PC1D6+1 (6mm)102UR50m50 ebCP20
Federated Arms X-22P0PE1D6+1 (6mm)102ST50m150 ebCP20
Militech Arms AvengerP0JE2D6+1 (9mm)102VR50m250 ebCP20
Dai Lung StreetmasterP0JE2D6+3 (10mm)122UR50m250 ebCP20
Federated Arms X-9mmP0JE2D6+1 (9mm)122ST50m300 ebCP20
Budgetarms Auto 3P-1JE3D6 (11mm)82UR50m350 ebCP20
Sternmeyer Type 35P0JC3D6 (11mm)82VR50m400 ebCP20
Armalite 44P0JE4D6 (12mm)81ST50m450 ebCP20
Budgetarms Laser-NinerP1J/LP2D6+1 (9mm)15/351/3/20ST50m675 ebChr1

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