When technology became advanced, cyberware became common. This is why people in Night City need ripperdocs. Ripperdocs are medical technicians -- half doctors, half engineers. They can patch you up in no time, stitching your gut after it has been slashed open and tending to bullet wounds. And if your tech is broken, they can either fix it or install new, illegal wares. Victor is a master of both -- the scalpel and the screwdriver. Having been a ringside physician for years, he sure has enough experience.

— Cyberpunk 2077 Demo Highlights

Doctor Victor is a ripperdoc in Cyberpunk 2077. His operating room is accessed via Misty's shop, and he and V seem to have a long history, as he has extended her credit on a number of occasions, contingent on her successful missions.

Notes Edit

  • In the gameplay preview, Misty refers to him as "Doctor Vector".
  • He's voiced by Michael Gregory.
  • Physically he resembles a character from the movie Johnny Mnemonic.
  • Despite being a Ripperdoc, Victror does not have any noticeable cyberwear installed in his own body.
  • Victor is a fan of combat sports, and is shown to be watching them as V enters and leaves his clinic. He used to be a ring-side physician.

When players scan Victor after receiving their optical implant, the following is revealed:

  • Damage Type: Physical
  • Physical resistance: Low
  • Thermal resistance: Medium
  • Chemical resistance: Low
  • EMP resistance: Low
  • Predicted Threat: Very Low

References Edit

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