"Your Outfit — your worldly possessions stuffed into a two by four carry bag."

The Cyberpunk future is mobile and disposable. A computer society makes it easy for people to live like campers all the time. All of ones' entertainment is assessable with handheld devices. One could live off of fast food. Clothing can be warn until they disintegrate. And like the cowboys of the Old West, most people carry their lives on their backs — miniaturized sleeping, eating and entertainment components crammed into carryalls and the back seats of cars. The stuff one carries around is known in streetslang as an outfit, and most of it is crammed into a shoulderbag or duffle sack. A typical outfit might include:

  • Inflatable bed (folds to a 6x6" package for easy storage).
  • Compressable down sleep-bag (wads to the size of a paperback book).
  • Micro-stereo compo (a microsized boom box with stereo speakers or headphones, possibly CD, chip/tape player, TV and certainly radio).
  • Handful of tapes or datachips.
  • Laptop or pocket computer (for notes, writing, business, links to computer networks).
  • Cybermodem, cables (for Netrunners).
  • Pocket cellular phone (the phone is bought, the service is rented by the month).
  • Handgun, knife or both. Possibly an assault rifle or SMC, and a couple backups as well. Always extra ammo.
  • Body armor (usually an armor jacket or bullet-proof T-shirt).
  • Personal effects, like clothes, toothbrushes, sentimental items etc.

Most Cyberpunk character aren't much for settling down. Rockerboys always have the next gig to get to. Solos have to keep moving — their job requires it, as they follow clients around, and have to keep moving before their enemies figure out where they are sleeping. Cops, Netrunners, Medias and Techies are always on the move—on stakeouts, hard stories, or running from the various people they have brought down. Nomads — well, they don't have homes to start with, and what good is it if they can't cram it on the back of their bike anyway? Even a Corporate may find himself living out of a "coffin" in the Tokyo airport if times get rough.

The point is, a computer society makes it easy for people to live like a camper all the time. Why should you have to go home to listen to your favorite music when you can carry your CD player with you? Missing phone calls and hate answering machines? You carry your phone with you and plug into the cellular network; making your business calls on the run form your favorite restaurant or while driving your car. Why bother with cooking when you can grab something quick form a hundred fast food stores? Why keep clothes when you can use them till they wear out, then buy new ones? You'll rent a sleeping cube for a night, but up your personal stuff, and blow out in the morning. Remember: The future is disposable!

"Yeah, the future is disposable. So are you, homeboy!" —Razerjack

The key to any Cyberpunk game is to think Cyberpunk. Think rootless and mobile. You don't know where you'll be sleeping tonight, and you don't care. You got a bed in your bag, some tunes in your pocket, some cash for food. And a gun to make sure no one takes anything from you.

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