Max Tac Agent
CP2020 Cop portrait
Basic info
Role Police Officer
Special Abillity Authority
Career Skills {{{career skills}}}
First Appearance Cyberpunk 2077
  A Max Tac Agent is a Police officer that works for a unit known as Max Tac. These Officers are similar to their Blade Runner Agent Counterparts in The Los Angeles Police Department. Max Tac Agents work for the Night City Police Department. Their primary goal is to kill any heavily modified people that have gone crazy from the Mental stress of having been modified too much.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Max Tac Agents use Authority Ability to get away with on the spot executions such as killing dangerous Criminals and Cybernetically enhanced people with out need to take these types of people to trial first.


Max Tech Agent

A picture of a Max Tech agents badges up close.

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