A "Lifepath" is a system used in character generation within the role-playing games. It is a method for figuring out a character's background and personal history. Is works like a set of flowcharts each numbered for randomly-generated results. This serves as a list of "plot complications" that helps round-out a character so players are not left playing a nameless generic archetype, who is nothing more than a collection of stats and equipment with as much character and personal history as a fresh blank disc — an issue faced with most fantasy-themed RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons.

This system was inspired by the classic space opera RPG Traveller, which first introduced the concept back in 1977. Thankfully, the Cyberpunk Lifepath is way more forgiving, in that a Cyberpunk character is not going to get killed or maimed in the middle of character creation.

The topics deals with dress & personal style, ethnic origins, family background, personal motivations, major life events, and finding/loosing friends, enemies and lovers.

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