S0u1r4z0r2020 (3:09, September 28th, 2015)Edit

For any active editors of the Cyberpunk wiki, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Conner, and under the handle (and Cyberpunk game alias) of s0u1r4z0r, I read and edit the information on this wiki and many others. I am also very adept to regulating correct, neccesary, and relevant information among each individual wiki. While I do hope to contact Wikia regarding page adoption in the near future, I plan to make many data contributions on this wiki before taking that step.

I do hope in the coming future that more people plan to use this wiki, both to contribute and to learn, and I also hope to see more editors such as myself indulge in communication among one another on chat pages such as this one. In the wait for Cyberpunk 2077's release, I also invite you to join us on the games forum base at the CD Projekt RED website, also a great community to share information and ideas with.

Until then, I wish you well, and happy editing!

- Conner Landon (s0u1r4z0r)

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