Euro Business Machines is a Mega Corporation that generalizes in the manufacture of computer products, information technology, and electronics. They have very influential presence in the market, along with some of the largest employee and troop counts.

Background Edit

As a corporation existing since the late 1900's, EBM has developed as the leading manufacturer of computers and high-tech equipment worldwide, and is one of the most significant corporations in existence.

During the late 1990's, EBM performed "the greatest free-market hostile takeover in history" under the lead of a known master corporate raider, Dr. Kurt Muller. The operation forced the merging of EBM with a vast number of other prominent computer companies around the world, further reinforcing the already fearsome power that EBM holds in the market.

Currently, Muller, along with the other two members in the company's triumvirate, Ulf Grunwalder of Munich and Sir Nathaniel Poole of London, collectively hold 52.1% of company shares, and together contribute the majority vote in EBM's corporate interest. Their long-term objective is to "consolidate as much of the world's high-tech manufacturing as possible under their label, by any means."

Trivia Edit

  • The name and logo is based on IBM (International Business Machines).