Datafortress 2020 is major and longstanding resource site for the Cyberpunk 2020 role-playing game, created by Deric "Wisdom000" Bernier. It features a wide variety of new inventory (weapons, vehicles, cyberwear, etc.), house rules, and several sourcebooks, with most of them available on .PDF files.

Materials featured on Datafortress 2020 are fan-made, by Deric Bernier or a collaborative effort by the Cyberpunk 2020 gaming community. Save for a few artwork by Deric himself, the images used are largely taken from the internet, and come from a wide range of sources - books, movies, anime, etc. Pictures and materials are all given proper credit, and are used without seeking profit.

The amount of images used on each page can be heavy, resulting in lag, but this was rectified by making the images smaller. A number of images used are NSFW.


The following are not the extent of materials available on Datafortress 2020, as there are several articles that are ether too minor to list, or are incomplete fragments waiting to be completed.


Although it lists a number of new rules (too long to list here), the largest set of rules featured is Interlock Unlimited.

Interlock Unlimited - A re-imagining of R.Talsorian's Interlock Rules System and as such was designed not only to cover any genre, setting, or situation, but remain fully compatible with all games built on the Interlock System.


Autumn Blade - A supplement about a criminal syndicate controlling arms dealings on the west coast and all over the world.

Conflict: The African Sourcebook - A full sized sourcebook on Africa and the wars being fought there, particularly in Ethiopia and Zaire in which the US military and the EDF are openly engaging each other.

Conflict II: The Central and South American Sourcebook - A massive collaborative effort detailing fully the countries of Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean.

Carnival - A scenario for use as an adventure or plot hooks that centers around Night City's lawless Combat Zone.

Dust in the Wind - A new Nomad Sourcebook for Cyberpunk 2020, meant as a follow up to Neo-Tribes and Nomad Market.

Los Angeles: The City of Fallen Angels - A flooded and destroyed Lost Angeles, after a major earthquake and tsunami.

NCPD - The online Police sourcebook, meant to supplement and replace parts of Protect and Serve.

The Night City Amalgamated District Guide - A project to create a large, realistic satellite map, akin to Google Earth, of Night City.

Shirowpunk - Conversion sourcebooks for Appleseed, Ghost In The Shell, and the Shirow Tech Conversions.

New TechEdit

Ultra Chrome - An illustrated reference guide to every piece of technology ever presented in a printed Cyberpunk 2013/2020 product.

The Nomad Market - A huge catalog of salvaged and roughly fabricated weapons, gear and vehicles for your roughridin' Nomads. (for Dust in the Wind)

Electric Dreams - A large catalog of civilian cybernetics - from minor cosmetic alterations, to full cybernetic bodies; including additional information on legality, humanity loss and therapy.

Night City's Miracle Mile - This is the civilian vehicle catalog, featuring over 300 motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, AV's, and much much more.

Cyberpunk Fashion - A large catalog of clothing and styles; from practical combat wear, to skimpy lingerie, or a sexy mix there of.

The 2020 Corporate and Military Vehicle Catalog - In this catalog you will find the vehicle inventory of the militaries and corporations of the world, generally unavailable to to the public.

Catalogs of the Night City Police Department' - Three catalogs: Weapons & Equpment; Uniforms & Armor; and Vehicles. (for The NCPD Sourcebook)

Military Issue Catalogs - Eleven catalogs: US; EDF; Neo-Soviet; Mexico; Arasaka; Militech; Independent Canal; South American Alliance; Argentina; and Chile. (for the Conflict sourcebooks)

External LinksEdit

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