Cyberware Surg. Desciption Cost HL Book
Biomonitor N +2 to Resist Torture & Drugs 100 eb 1 CP20
Skinwatch N Subdermal timepiece 50 eb 1 CP20
Light Tattoo N Decorative tattoo 1-20 eb 0.5 CP20
Shift-tacts N Color changing contact lenses 1-200 eb 0.5 CP20
ChemSkins N Color/pattern changing skin tints 200 eb 1D6/2 CP20
Synthskins N Color/pattern changing artificial skin 400 eb 1D6 CP20
Techhair M Color/light emitting artificial hair 1-200 eb 2 CP20
Kill Display N 3 digit display 100 eb 1 Chr2
Mood Skin N Changes color based on mood 200/m² eb 1d6/m² Chr3
Turn-On Nails N Color change nails 25/200 eb 1 Chr3
Show-Off Nails N Pattern changing nails 45/425 eb 2 Chr3
Nu-Tek TVSkin M Your skin can become a vidscreen 600 eb 1D6+4 Chr4

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