All users are encouraged to follow these image guidelines regarding the use of images.

General rules Edit

  • Avoid taking a picture with the user interface on, unless it is to prove a point.
  • Please make sure that images have high resolution and reasonably illustrate the subject in question.
  • If you find a page where there are more images than there is text, consider removing less informative pictures, or making a gallery. If you have the option, consider uploading your file in PNG format.

Reuploading pictures Edit

  • Unless there is a significant problem with a picture (such as poor resolution or lighting), we encourage people not to change pictures. This is because there can be many different opinions about what looks good which can lead to multiple changes with no improvement. Essentially, when it comes to pictures, "if it ain't broke don't fix it".
  • Before uploading an image please check to make sure it doesn't already exist in the wiki.
  • If it does, but you believe your version is better, click on the "Upload a new version of this file" option in the file's page, below the file history.
  • If it is a different picture, upload your image as a completely different file instead, by using Special:Upload.

Article images Edit

  • Images should be of good quality.
  • Images should never include parts of the UI (HUD, crosshair) unless the purpose of the given image is to illustrate the UI itself.
  • Images should have a descriptive name related to their purpose (similar name of a weapon if the image is for that weapon etc.)
  • Images that consider as "Fan Art" should not be added to articles that contain any official materials (either from video game or pen-and-paper RPG). "Fan Art" images can be placed in articles only if official materials aren't available. "Fan Art" should not be added to articles related to video games - here use only original images.
  • Article images violating any of these rules are subjected for deletion.

Forum and talk page images Edit

  • Any image used on a discussion page must be related to the topic of the forum or talk page.
  • Forum and talk page images violating any of these rules are subjected for deletion.

Galleries Edit

  • Images which cannot be used elsewhere in the article can be featured in a "Gallery" section on the article.
  • There should not be multiple images to prove the same point.
  • Concept art should generally be featured in the gallery.

Deletion of images Edit

  • If a picture is not used at all for a lengthy period of time (more than one month), administrators may delete the picture for maintenance.

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