Chromatic Rock is a music form that is an outgrowth of Glam Rock. It uses rapid, driving electronic guitar riffs like in Speed Metal backed by a synthesizer and drums or a drum machine like in Pop or Prog Rock. Vocals are usually shouted or screamed like in Punk Rock, Deathrock, or Extreme Metal. Which musical element is in the forefront depends on the preference of the band's Frontman. Thematically and culturally it merges the "beautiful people" exclusiveness and fashion sense of Disco with the "angry young voice" of Punk Rock.

Subculture members effect an androgynous appearance (often accentuated or augmented through plastic surgery). Makeup is worn by both men and women, varying from just eyeliner / eyeshadow, mascara, and/or lipstick to full face paint. Hair styling and length for both men and women can be short-cropped, partly shaved clean, or worn long. The bands followed set the fashions.

For fancy affairs or clubbing, the style is usually metallic-cloth clothing and metal jewelry. Men wear a metallic-cloth jacket over a dress shirt and slacks (tie optional) with dress shoes or ankle-boots. Women favor metallic-cloth cocktail or sheath dresses with either stockings and heels / ankle-boots or thigh- or knee-length boots.

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