Boostergangs (or "Boosters") are a bands of street gangs, typically enhanced with cybernetic Technology. They can be benign or outright violent, and in all cases, extremely territorial. They form together out of necessity, due to the dangers of urban living — especially in the lawless Combat Zones. Boostergangs come in the following types, with examples from Night City.

Chromatic Metal Gang: Chromer gangs like centering activities around their favorite rock bands, interpreting song lyrics as orders from their heroes. Chromatic rock gangs are into totally senseless, random acts of violence as a means of expression.

  • Typical Chromer Gang: Steel Slaughter Slammers

Combat Gang: This type of gang is centered around a type of "warrior's code". Elaborate combat rituals, ranks, and body armor are all part of the mystique. Combat gangs are dangerous, because once they declare a war on someone, they never give up.

  • Typical Combat Gang: Metal Warriors

Cult Gang: Made up of youths dedicated to a specific belief or ideology (like aliens saviors, new-age Druids, the coming of John Frum, etc). They will pursue their goals with an extremist's zeal. Symbols and idols are typical trappings with these gangs.

  • Typical Cult Gang: The Inquisitors — Their ideology is religious: They think cyberwear is blasphemous, and think nothing of tearing it right out of someones' body. They consider this "saving" ones' soul.

Family Gang: They form an extended family, which protects runaway children. A few older "adults" run the gangs and protect the turf, while the younger members steal and deal for family support. Extended families are territorial and fiercely protective of their members.

  • Typical Family Gang: The Bradi Bunch (The Bunch)

Hate Gang: Regardless of race, a Hate Gang is made up of young males united around racial supremacy. Uniforms, flags and militaristic slogans are the rule. They will attack anything that they think isn't "right" (read: just like them).

  • Typical Hate Gang: Red Chrome Legion (Red Chromen) — They are white supremacists.

Party Gang: They party, drink Smash, take (and deal) drugs, and mug people — all as part of a "just because" lifestyle. To these guys, The Party is everything.

  • Typical Party Gang: The Piranhas

Posergang: Posers adopt the clone look for protection (they all look like), identification and impact (a score of clones can be a pretty disturbing sight). These gangs center on recreating their own bizarre interpretations of their heroes.

  • Typical Posergang: The Kennedys — They all look like former US President, John F. Kennedy. In their interpretation of Kennedy, all four hundred members descend on a location for a week-long orgy of destruction called Hyannisport Weekends.

Self-Defense Gang: They are an otherwise peaceful group who formed out of the need to defend themselves from a persistent and dangerous threat. They are relatively peaceful, as long as folks stay off their turf, and leave them alone.

  • Typical Self-Defense Gang: The Cilligans — They are a militant band of gays who got tired of being attacked by homophobic groups like the Red Chrome Legion. Their turf is the Marina district.

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Boostergangs - Cyberpunk 2077 Lore