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Bodysculpting is the means of altering one's appearance through cosmetic surgery and use of cybernetics.

As long as you're having a few cybernetic grafts put on, why not go all the way and re-do the whole thing? The art of body sculpting includes skin tints, hair and eye color changes, breast enlargement and reduction, and general all-over bodywork. You can have bone and muscle removed to become shorter, or have grafts added to become taller. Excess fat can be suctioned away, and collagen implants can smooth wrinkles, add weight, and change contours. Bodyscupting is readily available in a number of body salons, including Bodyshoppe, Parts N’ Programs, and Docs-R-Us™. Body sculpting includes appearance changes, appearance enhancement, and exotic fashion.

Change Appearance: Looking like a favorite movie star or celebrity is a popular fad in 2020; entire gangs, known as Posers, often have themselves bodyshaped to resemble famous people. Appearance changes are also a staple for Solos, Rockers, and any other sort of high mover who needs to change identities often. The cost of an appearance change is based on how convincing that change is.

At 1,200 eb, you look sort of like you wanted to; a casual observer could spot the difference on an Average Notice check.
At 2,400 eb, you look very much like you wanted; it would take a DIFFICULT Notice check to spot the sculpt job.
With 3,60Oeb, you would look exactly as you wanted to look; spotting the sculpt would take a VERY DIFFICULT Notice check. At the top end (5,000 eb), it would require a Nearly Impossible check to spot the bodysculpt from your original face.

Increase Attractiveness: Cyberpunk style always goes to the extremes-you’re either really ugly or very good-looking. One way to increase your Attractiveness is to have your body redesigned at the local ’sculpt clinic. The process is expensive, granted, but many people think having the right “look” for that year is worth a few thousand euro. Cost is 600eb per Attractiveness point gained. For example, to raise my appearance four points would cost 2,400eb.

Want to decrease your Attractiveness? A straight razor costs fifty-nine cents.

Exotic FashionEdit

Bodysculpt jobs that emphasize the alien or inhuman are known as Exotics. (see Exotics for more details)